Maricopa Car Boot Sale
General Information

Address: 44345 Martin Luther King Blvd. Maricopa, AZ 85138

Dates: 2nd & 4th Sunday every month


Information for all
  • There will be restroom facilities for men, women, and the handicapped.
  • Food trucks as well as bouncy castles and rides for the children will be on location.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times and any dog mess must be cleared off by the dog owner and not disposed of on the car boot site.
  • Please do not liter, all garbage needs to be taken away and not to be left on the site.
  • Our events are intended to be a friendly and enjoyable day out, any person(s) showing any form of violence, threatening behavior or racism will result in them being ejected/banned from our site and possibly reported to the authorities.
  • We will NOT allow you in early as we want to give ample time for sellers to set up.
  • If you are buying electrical items ensure the wiring and fuses are safe before plugging it into an outlet.
  • Don't be afraid to negotiate on a price that you think would be more reasonable.
  • Pitch fees will be taken upon entry and we are only accepting Cash. We will NOT be accepting payments prior to the day or any online payment methods.
  • Do NOT sell: knives, guns, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, pyrotechnics, adult content, tabacco, alcohol, and counterfeit goods.
  • Gazebos must be weighted down for your safety and for the safety of others.
  • Make sure to have change to break down high denomination bills.