Maricopa Car Boot Sale
Seller's tips and tricks
  • Research

    Take a look at other websites such as eBay, OfferUp, CraigsList, etc. several days prior to the sale to get an idea of how much the items you are selling are worth.

    Try to get to the location of the boot sale as early as possible to scope out the best place to set up your pitch. Try to find a location where there might be a lot of foot traffic, next to the restrooms, food trucks, etc.

  • Pack the night before

    It is a good idea to have everything packed prior to the day of so you can quickly load the car. Take a table and a waterproof tarp or sheet to help you display all of your items nicely.

    Consider bringing some food from home. If your area gets busy you may not have time to grab anything.

  • Arrive early

    Starting early is almost always a key to a successful car boot sale. You want to have plenty of time to make sure you have all your items and also allow for plentiful setup time.

    It is beneficial to be one of the first vendors on site because you will get to choose where you will set up. It is a good idea to try and get a shady spot to avoid the desert heat

  • Bring people with you

    An extra pair of hands can be quite useful if you are experiencing a rush of business, or if you need a break, and to look over your items.

    Having someone to talk with helps pass the time and it will prevent you from looking bored and unapproachable; be cautious to not be engrosed in a conversation you look unapproachable.

  • Price Labels

    Not everything needs a price label and sometimes price labels can do more harm than good. Price labels are timely to make and put on and sometimes people are willing to pay more than what you are asking for.

    If any of your items have an intriguing backstory, consider not giving it a price label, you might be able to build a rapport with the buyer and make a good sale.

  • Bargains

    Bargain signs are a great way to attract those who otherwise may not be instreated in what you are selling.

    Some of the more popular bargains are BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) or perhaps bundling (the buyer buys several items together but at a discount).

  • Prepare for buyer objections


    'How does this work?' Include the mannual for the item

    'It's too expensive.' Know the current retail price and respond with 'New, this would cost x times what I am asking for.'

    'Does this radio work?' Have batteries with you.

  • Clearance sale

    At the end of the sale if you still have things left over and you want to go home with an empty boot start marking things down.

    To bring attention to your new markdowns be vocal to those who are passing buy and prehaps bring a sign that reads, 'All items must go $5 for each'

Buyer's tips and tricks
  • Too good to be true

    Sometimes at car boots you may come across items that are "too good to be true".

    Items like electronics may not work despite what the seller says, this is also possible for items with lots of pieces which could be missing. It is always a good idea to make sure everything is there and what you are buying works properly.

    Unfortunately we can not do anything for you if you purchase something that does not work.

  • Haggling

    Do not be afraid of asking the seller for a lower price or to do a deal. You can start low and work your way up, if you start high you cant go down.

    At the end of the day most sellers are willing to haggle, do a deal or reduce an item if it results in a sale. Some sellers price their items slightly high because they know people will haggle with them and bring the price down.

    There will always be vendors that will refuse your offer for whatever reason but do not be discouraged by this, 'if you don't ask you you will never know'.

  • Bags

    Some of the more professional sellers may have a bag for you to put items in but this is not to be expected.

    Bringing your own bags or containers means you don't have to keep running back to your car to store your items or awkwardly carrying what you have just purchased.

  • Change

    It is always a good idea to bring change because not all sellers will have money to break down high denomination bills like $50 or $100 bills.

    If a seller cannot break down your high denomination bills then you will not be able to purchase their items unfortunately. If you do not have change then you can go into a supermarket or gas station and they will break down your bills for you.

  • Arrive early

    Since we do not allow buying to begin until 8am, be sure to arrive around 7-45-7:50am so you can be one of the first bargin hunters to find the best deals available.